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Since men have mirrors too, and since those who have hair use hair products, and those who don’t stand for a few minutes of sad silence every morning over their lost hair, we too want to have conversations with our mirrors. This is why we have Men’s Corner. Although women’s issues seem to be under a microscope men’s issues tend to get less attention.

This is a program that is well researched to discuss diverse issues men faces in their day to day lifestyles from men’s health and wellbeing, social, and economic problem; the list goes on and on. This is the time when men gather and put their heads together and try to help one another. Guests are also invited on the show to help with different topic discussions. It is an open forum and phone lines, email and the chat room are used to connect with our valued listeners and get diverse opinions and address questions or concerns regarding the topics being discussed.

Don’t miss out: Thursdays: 9 pm-12 pm GMT; engaging, exciting, interactive, and informational; and yet educational show. Check out on the topic show content every Friday for your ideas and comments just in case you missed out on the live presentation, posted here.
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