About Us

We Are About:

Entertaining, Informing, Educating and Empowering.

 Team Values:

  • Respect
  • Restoring Dignity
  • Common Purpose
  • Unity

We value each individual, their beliefs, their faith, their passion and their unique contribution to our mission.

We value an open, creative and energetic atmosphere where points of view are encouraged.

We support each other to achieve a work/life balance and promote healthy personal and family relationships.

We will be fearless in our creativity, brilliantly executing great ideas.

We will spread a message of hope through our music, talk shows and extend help to those in need.

Our Business Values:

Operations, Governance, People, Technology and Above All, Supporting our African Artists.

Driven to Serve Whilst We:
  • Create and maximize opportunities
  • Building capacity
  • Foster relationships
  • Deliver quality content
  •  Create excitement for the mandate and brand
In the quest to find a musical oasis where track after track is a pleasant reprieve from the surrounding world, even the best of efforts are often thwarted by limited song selection, an overly complicated user interface, or the lack of insight into upcoming songs. So we’vedug deep tofind only the best musical offerings and we’ve put together a list of tracks and albums that make playlist building a joy.
Our Music:
Music on this site is only accessible to zim NET radio staff for radio use, and is not accessible to the public.. If you wish to buy, please visit sites that sell music or order from Zimbabwe, otherwise send your requests to zim NET radio DJs to listen to your favourite song.