ZAA Nominee : Dr. Praxidia Taruwinga Masenda for ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD


Dr. Praxidia Taruwinga Masenda:

Since graduating from Capella University and earning a doctorate degrees in Public Health-Epidemiology and a Masters Clinical Psychology, Dr. Praxidia Taruwinga Masenda has helped rural schools in Zimbabwe from a variety of vantage points, including as an financial sponsor to over 200 students, providing mentorship programs from primary level to college level and continues to host international students within her home in Texas, as they come to the USA for college studies, author, board member, CEO, consultant, founder, incubator, lobbyist, professor, teacher, trainer, and volunteer.

Dr. Masenda currently serves on the board of directors for a Non-profit organization that helps victims of HIV/AIDS in rural parts of Zimbabwe. She previously served as, among other things, as a Special Education Teacher and continues to serve as a Professor teaching graduate courses on Public Health, author of a guidebook on nutritional support models for people living with HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, now being implemented in local hospitals in Zimbabwe and public health advocacy. A sought-after speaker, Dr. Masenda has made more than 100 keynote and other presentations for a diverse range of groups. Numerous organizations have formally recognized Dr. Masenda’s commitment and professional contributions, and has been a recipient of over 5 awards including The National Dean’s List, International Scholar Awards. Through her public health ventures in the communities, educational networking for students, and counseling services; Dr. Masenda aspires and strives to strengthen communities and bring hope for a better tomorrow.

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